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A Happy Catalan Thanksgiving

Before I get into our Thanksgiving feast, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m thankful for my friends and family, from LA to MI to BCN and beyond, and everything that comes with you guys. Especially my parents. … Continue reading

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Culinary Creations

Here are some more meals that we’ve put together since returning home to Barcelona. The meals we had while traveling served as inspiration for some of these dishes. Ben’s red wine chicken with pasta and tomato cream sauce and cooked … Continue reading

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Mas Comida

More culinary creations: Michael really got into this meal… squash potato soup with chicken as an appetizer: Main course of battered cod with green beans and cream of corn: Michael’s home made lemon sorbet for dessert: Bell peppers, feta cheese, … Continue reading

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Here are some more of our culinary masterpieces (at least that’s how we think of them). Home made falafel and humus with pita, rosemary rice and meatballs: Honey soy chicken with mushrooms and white rice: Michael’s famous homemade pizza (bbq … Continue reading

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More food

Some more of our dinner creations: Lemon breaded chicken with sautéed pears slices and rice: We had a giant potluck style dinner with almost the whole group. We cooked a ton of fajitas, with rice, guacamole, salsa… etc. Delicious: Yoav’s bruschetta for … Continue reading

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The four of us in apartment 3 (Yoav, Michael, Ben and myself) have been especially proud of the meals we have made so far in Barca. Here’s what we’ve put together so far: Steak strips with mushroom sauce (sliced mushrooms, … Continue reading

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