A Happy Catalan Thanksgiving

Before I get into our Thanksgiving feast, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m thankful for my friends and family, from LA to MI to BCN and beyond, and everything that comes with you guys. Especially my parents. Those of you reading this blog are probably the ones I care most about, so special thanks to you too.

Having finished our design studio on Tuesday, we now finally have some time to ourselves. Today, we celebrated Thanksgiving with everyone who isn’t currently traveling (some people used the free days to travel to Marakesh, Morocco). The 14 of us left in Barcelona prepared a gigantic feast, with everyone contributing a separate part of the meal. We ate outside on the patio under a nice combination of candles and flashing Christmas lights. Here’s a picture from my room down onto the patio:

It was pretty hectic trying to put together all of the pieces in 5 separate apartments, with tiny kitchens and limited ingredients. Lots of sharing and bartering, but in the end it all came together. We had everything from a real, whole turkey to chicken curry to poached pears. Our apartment made chicken potpie (Michael), potato latkes (Yoav & me), homemade applesauce (Ben), chocolate chip cookies (Ben), and turkey gravy (me). Michael’s friend Aaron, who is visiting for the weekend, did the honors of carving the turkey as well. Here’s us frying the latkes (with Michael’s help too):

The dinner table filling in with people and food:

Delicious food:

And finally – after a nice digestive break and many Youtube clips –  the dessert spread, complete with five bricks of ice cream. Yes, bricks. Five of them.

Overall it was a hugely successful Thanksgiving feast. Couple of things that surprised all of us a bit – 1) how good all of the food tasted 2) how much food there was 3) how much food we consumed. In conclusion, all of us are now suffering from massive food comas, and will be going to bed shortly. Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to A Happy Catalan Thanksgiving

  1. yoavweiss says:

    so. good.
    so. full.

  2. Lisa Kaminski says:

    And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, Ian. What a fabulous spread. We’ll be counting on you for good gravy when you get home! You and your friends are all amazing! And I envy you the candlelit patio dinner: everything was shut down in Seattle for a couple of days (including school) due to ice, snow, and temps in the 20s. Love, Mom

  3. Eunice says:

    soooo no leftovers right? loved reading about your and the friends’ amazing thanksgiving!!! see you guys soon!!!

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