Mas Comida

More culinary creations:

Michael really got into this meal… squash potato soup with chicken as an appetizer:

Main course of battered cod with green beans and cream of corn:

Michael’s home made lemon sorbet for dessert:

Bell peppers, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette on slices of baguette:

Making the stuffed peppers:

Yoav’s dish – Bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and bread crumbs. Here’s the recipe – Served with couscous and chicken:

My attempt at an apple tart:

Michael’s udon:

Ben’s chicken satay:

The beginning of the longest meal preparation ever – Michael’s home made bread bowls:

Beef strips with blue cheese served on slices of baguette for an appetizer:

Cooked eggplant with tahini and tomatoes:

French fries with gourmet dipping sauces (curry ketchup, rosemary mayonnaise, honey dijon mustard)

French onion soup:

Homemade peach sorbet with kiwi glaze:

Strips of beef with caramelized walnuts, salad (tomato, avocado, hearts of palm, feta, and olive oil) and grilled veggies (mushrooms, peppers and zucchini):

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