More food

Some more of our dinner creations:

Lemon breaded chicken with sautéed pears slices and rice:

We had a giant potluck style dinner with almost the whole group. We cooked a ton of fajitas, with rice, guacamole, salsa… etc. Delicious:

Yoav’s bruschetta for an aperitivo:

Apples and honey. And just for the record, for my mom’s (and surrogate moms’) peace of mind, this isn’t the only fruit we’ve eaten. Usually we eat peaches, pears, apples, or cantaloupe for dessert. And also for breakfast. The fruit here is very good. We don’t put a lot of time into making the fruit look all fancy because we just want to eat it. So it doesn’t even make it off the cutting board usually. But when it becomes part of a meal, this is what it looks like:

Beef filets with cooked carrots and hearts of palm salad:

Pesto penne pasta with salad:

Soy honey chicken with Waldorf salad:

Noodle soup with meatballs to the Chinese style. With Waldorf on the side.

Coming in the next culinary post: home made pizza, falafel, and much more.

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One Response to More food

  1. arianne says:

    ha ha ha! I see I wasn’t the only one questioning the fruit and veggie part of the meals! But they really do look like impressive feasts.

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