Here are some more of our culinary masterpieces (at least that’s how we think of them). Home made falafel and humus with pita, rosemary rice and meatballs:

Honey soy chicken with mushrooms and white rice:

Michael’s famous homemade pizza (bbq chicken and mushroom/olive):

Parmesan chicken with a caesar salad:

A snack rice dish with pretty much everything in it:

Pad Thai:

Cooked eggplant smothered in tahini and chopped tomatoes served on slices of baguette (as an aperativo):

To go with beef filets, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes:

Chinese chicken salad:

Home made sangria:

Orange chicken with white rice:

Burritos (chicken, black beans, string beans, corn, and hearts of palm):

Macaroni and gouda cheese with a salad on the side (avocado, hearts of palm, tomatoe, and feta cheese):

Coming next time: squash soup, cod, lemon sorbet, and more.

If anyone has any good recipes or suggestions for meals to make, let us know! We want to try more stuff.

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2 Responses to Food

  1. Lisa Kaminski says:

    It all looks so delicious! I’m incredibly impressed, and looking forward to your cooking some great meals for us when you get home. Ideas? How about some roasted veggies–so easy and good, or veggie stir-fries which you can do with almost anything and season to go with whatever else you’re cooking.

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