Culinary Creations

Here are some more meals that we’ve put together since returning home to Barcelona. The meals we had while traveling served as inspiration for some of these dishes.

Ben’s red wine chicken with pasta and tomato cream sauce and cooked veggies:

Yoav‘s creamy mushroom tart appetizer:

Scalloped potatoes topped with gouda:

Michael’s cream of mushroom soup:

The meal put together with lemon chicken:

Michael’s spicy tomato mushroom soup for dessert, under Yoav‘s direction:

One of the many salads consisting of corn, hearts of palm, carrots, tomatoes and greens:

To go with lemon zest chicken and teriyaki vegetables:

Michael’s steak with cooked carrots and potato-yam purée:

Stir-fry glass noodles with beef and veggies:

The start of Michael’s Moroccan themed meal – chicken parts stewing in broth and veggies:

Steaming the couscous:

“Moroccan” chicken with veggies over a bed of steamed couscous:

Preparing the home-made pita dough:

FalaFail turned into giant falafel pancake:

Homemade pita and hummus:

To go with beef/onion/tomato kebabs:

French dip sandwhich:

Ben’s four cheese ravioli with chicken and tomatoes:

Yoav‘s spicy tomato mushroom soup, round 2:

To go with Parmesan chicken on farfalle:

Michael’s chicken cordon bleu:

Baked conchiglie shells with cheese and turkey:

In the next food post: Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Culinary Creations

  1. bernard says:

    Wow you’ve sure been visiting a lot of fabulous places, Ian, and seem to have acquired along the way a talent for preparing and appreciating fine dining! What fun for you; thanks for sharing it all with us. Hope you catch a turkey in Barcelona…google, gooble!

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