On the road…

Checking in from Cordoba – we’re currently on our tour of southern Spain with Sophia, and I’m writing from the lobby of our hotel in the city of Cordoba. I didn’t bring my own computer, so I won’t be doing any full blogs until I get back. However, I’ll briefly fill you in on what we’ve been up to so far. The first three days of the trip were spent in Granada, a smaller city located in the very south of Spain. It’s right on the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains, so it’s pretty hilly and freezing cold. There, we visited La Alhambra, an old fortified hilltop city/fortress – a must see for anyone traveling to Spain. We saw a few old houses that incorporated traditional Islamic architectural features, a few contemporary buildings, and spent a lot of time meandering around the narrow streets of the city.

This morning we hopped on the early train from Granada to Cordoba. We are only spending one night here, so we packed in a bunch of stuff this afternoon from the Mezquita, La Synagoga de Cordoba, and the Alcazar. We’ve been doing a lot of sketching with Sophia, so once I return, I will upload some of them along with pictures and further descriptions of all of these places. Tomorrow we do some more sketching before taking the bus to Merida to see some old Roman ruins including some well preserved aqueducts. After one night in Merida, we then travel by bus to Sevilla, where we will stay the remaining two nights of the trip. Then it’s back to Barcelona for two more nights and then I’m back stateside. How quickly it is all coming to an end.

Sketches and photos coming soon.

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