FC Barcelona 5, AD Cueta 1

Two weeks ago, Yoav, Michael and I got tickets to an FC Barcelona futbol game. Tickets are pretty expensive because the sport so popular here, so we went to the cheapest game we could find. The match was against AD Cueta, an opponent they beat a few weeks earlier, and the generally consensus was that Barca would just destroy them again. We decided it would be fun to watch a blow with a bunch of goals, which it was, although there were a couple unexpected things that came with it.

The game wasn’t sold out – only about 60,000 people attended the game, down from the usual sellout crowd of 100,000+. As a result however, our tickets were upgraded for free, granting us entry into the VIP lounge before the game for free drinks and appetizers. So we got there a bit early to check it out.

We made our way to the seats, which were in the second tier at the very edge of the balcony (Yoav‘s pic):

And the start of the game:

The other unexpected this was that as a result of the easy opponent, Barca rested a bunch of their star players – David Villa, Alves, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta… basically all of them. Except Messi. Thankfully he came in (he didn’t start), because he’s the real reason we wanted to see a game. Here’s how it went – Messi getting ready to enter in the 65th minute:

Messi schools everybody:

Messi scores in the 67th minute (two minutes after he enters…):

And that’s pretty much how the rest of the game went. So we wandered around Camp Nou because it’s an awesome stadium (and huge) – thanks to Michael for the panoramas:

At the very top, you get a pretty amazing view of the city. While we were up there, we could see out across the city to the thunderstorm developing behind Montjuic. Yoav was able to catch a few pictures of the action:

Barca ended up easily beating Cueta 5-1 in a match that looked more like a Varsity squad taking on the JV team, even though Barca already had a bunch of bench players in. Watching the game only made us want to more. Too bad we don’t have 700 euro to drop on the rivalry game next week versus Real Madrid. And yes, the price of the cheapest seats was around 700 euros last time we checked. That’s how important futbol is to people of Spain.

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