Casa Batlló

As part of our field studies, we visited another one of Gaudi’s projects, Casa Batlló (pronounced Bad-yo, but barely pronouncing the d). It was an apartment building integrated into the middle of a traditional Cerda city block. It is most recognizable for its vibrantly colored tiled roof and interior light wells. The mosaics are colored and organized in concert with the light, orientation, and form of the building. Altogether they make an amazing composition, and a building that is super conscious of the quality of light and spacial experience. Hopefully some of these pictures will help illustrate how interesting the building is:

On the roof:

It’s pretty late, and a group of us are leaving for Portugal in the morning, so I will be singing off for now. We arrive back in Barcelona on Monday night, and then head straight out the next morning for Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, and Merida – our last field studies trip. So it may be a little while before I can post again. But keep checking back for updates.

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2 Responses to Casa Batlló

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  2. leo malinow says:

    Dear Ian

    I’m making a book for a University in New York and I want to use the interior ceiling shot photo that you posted to illustrate an article. The University haven’t got money to pay for it, but if you want we can put your name in the photo credits section.

    You could get in touch with me in

    Many thanks. Leo Malinow

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