Travels Part 1 – Venice

Just arrived in Rotterdam. Despite the slight drizzle, the city has already been amazing. Super clean, friendly, modern and (relatively) cheap. Especially after coming from Paris.

It’s going to take me a while to catch up to all of the stuff we’ve been doing on this trip, but here’s a bit from what we did in Venice at the very beginning.

Part of our trip involved going to the Venice Biennale for architecture, which they host every other year. Pavilions from various countries display work/theory/ideas from recent years. There was a lot of interesting stuff. Our favorites were the exhibitions from Holland, Denmark, and Australia. Here are some pics from Venice:

View from our apartment’s front door:

Holland Pavilion:

Funny book from the bookstore:

One of the cafes. Kind of makes your head want to explode:

Hungarian Pavilion:

Models from the Denmark Pavilion:

From the Russian Pavilion:

Czech Pavilion:





Venice sunset:

From the Campenile and San Marco:

Some more stuff from the Biennale:

Bjarke Ingels…

… is a rockstar.

This was just a little sampling of everything we crammed into our 3 days in Venice. It’s a pretty small place, but we managed to pack a lot in. We will be hopping around cities much faster now, so the opportunity to post will be almost non-existent until we get back in about a week.

Just for everybody who has been concerned: We didn’t really have any problems with the strikes or demonstrations in Paris while we were there. Olivier, our visiting professor and native Parisian, took us around during the week and helped us avoid all that stuff. The only thing that affected us were the slower trains and metros. Not to worry.

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One Response to Travels Part 1 – Venice

  1. Patti Dirlam (and John) says:

    Ian, your dad/mom sent your blog (with pics). What a fabulous trip; amazing photos and locations certainly more exciting than the crooked house in Cambridge. Also enjoyed reading Catherine spent time with you–and I loved the ‘fish’ pictures!

    I have forwarded your pics/blog to our nieces Addison/Tennyson and nephews Rob and Riley (who you met over xmas break) sure they will enjoy them. Just wondering if you have toasted any marshmellows or done any puzzles while doing a semester abroad? Best thoughts Patti

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