La Mercè: Closing Fireworks [day 3]

(video from Yoav)

Sunday was the last day of the La Mercè festival. After the sun went down, there was a huge show combining music, fireworks, and the magic fountain at Montjuic. It was a pretty awesome show, and can be better understood through pictures and videos rather than words. It is still hard to describe the magnitude of the show though. I would guess there was somewhere around 500,000 people crowding the Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, the street connecting Plaza Espanya to the National Palace at Montjuic. I tried to take a panoramic to give an idea of scope, but it didn’t turn out very well because of how dark it was and also the variation of light intensities (due to the fireworks):

That was just the people who were in front of us. There was an equal amount that are out of the picture to the left. It was pretty crazy. Loudspeakers were hung from every lamppost, from which a variety of music was playing. It was a long mashup of iconic American songs with their respective Spanish versions. In the pictures you can see the large fountain just below where the fireworks are being shot off, and then the national palace in the background. It was a pretty spectacular setting.

Michael made a time-lapse video of some of the show. About 450 pictures went into it.

Yoav also took a couple of videos. This first one shows one moment in the show where everyone (well, at least all of the locals who came prepared) brought out sparklers and lit them all at the same time. It was pretty cool to see the entire crowd dotted with sparklers for as far as you could see.

This last video is part of the finale. Yoav accidentally covered the microphone towards the end of the video, so the audio drops off at some point. But hopefully this gives everyone an idea of how massive the show was. It may have even beaten the Bilbao fireworks. I can honestly say, however, that the shows we have been witnessing have been much better and more entertaining than anything any of us have ever seen for the 4th of July.

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