La Mercè: Barcelona’s city-wide festival [day 1]

Last weekend was La Mercè, Barcelona’s giant annual festival. The first night was pretty tame for us. We went down to the Port Olimpico restaurants on the water to find some good paella.

The place we ended up eating at was perfect. They had a 3-course special deal that we took full advantage of.

Calamari and avacado salad aperativos:

Fisherman’s paella:

Lemon sorbet and tiramisu for dessert:

As we were finishing up dinner, the fireworks show over by Barceloneta started. It was only the first night of fireworks so they weren’t terribly large and didn’t last for very long.

We then headed back towards the old city to meet up with some of the group to watch one of the many free outdoor concerts. And that was the evening.

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One Response to La Mercè: Barcelona’s city-wide festival [day 1]

  1. arianne says:

    John and I met in Barcelona during our semester abroad in college. I ordered Calamari a la Romana for him (the fried calamari like in your picture) and he loved it. A month or two later John went back to Barcelona with some guy friends he was traveling with. He saw calamari on the menu and told them, “this is great, we should order this.” But the calamari he ordered was served in its own ink, you know that dish? Where it’s all black? He was not very popular that night. Seeing your picture made me laugh thinking about that story.

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