Buildings around Barca

Mixed into our classes and free time are some trips to various buildings around Barcelona. Some of them we have been fortunate enough to get tours inside. Others, not so much. Here are a few:

We stumbled upon this new building which I believe is an office building related to the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. We couldn’t go inside so we didn’t any information on it. It had an interesting layered facade though that wrapped around the terrace in the back, making it a more private space amidst the dense fabric.

We also walked by Nouvel’s Torre Agbar, which we couldn’t go inside either.

Also ran into a nice playground in Poble Nou, in Jean Nouvel’s New Central Park:

Over by the university is a ton of new construction. Barcelona is building up its science and technology repertoire, and its mostly concentrated in the 22@ district in Poble Nou. This building is called the Media-TIC, which has become the center of technology and information in this revitalization of one of Barcelona’s poorest neighborhoods. The building is pretty evocative, some people like it, some hate it. You can’t argue that it is interesting though. The outer skin is an inflatable ETFE fabric that “breathes.” As the sun warms up the facade during the day, the air inside the triangular “pillows” expands, causing the two piece of material to separate. One side of the pillow has a series of opaque circular dots while the other has equally sized and spaces holes. So when the pillow is deflated, the dots cover all of the holes. But when it is inflated by the natural sunlight, the holes are uncovered, letting natural light infiltrate the interior the building. Here is some more info on the building:

And lastly for this post, we visited the Forum as part of our site visit for our studio project. The Forum is a giant triangular building designed by Herzog and de Meuron (same firm that designed most of the Beijing Olympics buildings). It is a largely unsuccessful project. It hasn’t been received well by the public (it was finished in 2004), and as I understand, is mostly empty for the majority of the year. It’s surprising because Herzog rarely has an unsuccessful project, as far as I am concerned.

Right next to the forum was this interesting new glass building. None of us new what it was. It wasn’t completed yet so we couldn’t go inside and get any information. But here’s what it looked like:

More posts to come soon.

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  1. JS says:

    Awesome pics Ian, Barcelona was my favorite city in Europe. GET BIG

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