Weekend trip: Ibiza

We had an extra long weekend this past week (Thursday – Sunday), so the majority of the group decided to take a quick trip to the island of Ibiza. We wanted to go to Ibiza for two reasons. One, it is a beautiful place with beautiful beaches. And two, we wanted to see the DJ Deadmau5 perform. He did a set on Thursday night that was absolutely incredible. Around the concert, we did a lot of beaching. The water was super clear and the weather was just about perfect. On the last day, we rented paddle boats mounted with slides and had a great time out on the water for the day. I only got a little sunburned so overall it was pretty great. There were 16 of us that went on the trip, so we rented two decent-sized apartments to split between all of us. There were 3 beds and 2 futons, so we were able to all squeeze in somewhat comfortably. I didn’t bring my camera on the trip because I was worried it might get mixed up/lost with everyone’s stuff and I also didn’t want it to get sand-clogged. So the pictures I have posted are borrowed from other people, and I can’t claim them as my own. Hopefully they give you a little insight into our short adventure.

This is how close we were to Deadmau5 at the show:

Overall is was a pretty amazing weekend. Now we are back in Barcelona, and it is raining. And we have class. What a downer.

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