Field Studies in Urbanism: Parc Joan Miró

For Bob Harris’ field studies class, we were divided up into groups to examine major public spaces in Barcelona. My group chose to examine a large urban park called Parc Joan Miró. The park is dedicated to the famous artist/painter, and houses the last sculpture he ever created, a 22m tall piece called “Dona i l’Ocell,” or Woman and Bird. It’s a pretty huge park, taking up the area of 4 entire city blocks. It is situated right next to Barcelona’s historic bull ring, which is currently being renovated into a shopping mall. The ring, called Las Arenas, stopped hosting bullfights in the late 70’s. Bullfighting will be completely banned in Catalunya by 2012. This means that all of the bullfighting arenas will need to be re-purposed. It will be interesting to see what happens to all of them. At least for Las Arenas, the city got someone who knows what he is doing (Richard Rogers – same guy that did the wavy Barajas Airport Terminal 4). Here are a few images:

One of the things we looked at was the park’s relationships to other park/public spaces in the city, connected by green boulevards:

Another important/interesting aspect of the park was its sectional qualities. As you move from the public to the private side of the park, the scale of the spaces changes dramatically. The tree canopy gets closer to the ground and the grid gets tighter. I sketched some sections that Yoav and Michael photoshopped a bit for our presentation:

Some pics from the park:

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