Field Studies in Barca

This past week we spent exploring some of the city for our field studies class – similar to what we were doing in the other cities we visited already. Bob Harris, the dean of the Masters of Landscape Architecture program and former dean of the Architecture school,  is our visiting professor for the week. He took us on yours of some of Gaudí’s famous projects in Barcelona. We started off with Casa Milá, also called La Pedrera (which translates to “The Query” in Spanish). I went to Casa Milá when I was in Barcelona two years ago, but it was on a dark, overcast day. This time it was perfectly bright and sunny (almost too much). It was pretty bright for taking pictures, but I managed to get a few decent ones of the roof terraces. The roof is a pretty awesome space – it would be great for hanging out at night when it cools down. The building itself was built as a 6 (or so) story apartment building. Now it is part museum, part head-quarters for some non-profit organizations.

A model of the building inside the museum:

Next on the list of Gaudí projects was the Park Güell. Like the Casa Milá, I had been before. But I love this place, and am always excited to pay another visit. At this point in the day, it was super hot out, so the time we spent up on the exposed terrace was pretty limited. But there is a lot of shade all around the park (it is massive). The way the park grows out of the existing landscape it pretty incredible. And Gaudí’s style is always fun to examine. We took a trip up to the park for two reasons: 1) it is an amazing place and 2) it offers one of the best views of the cityscape of Barcelona. So after some discussions on the park and the urban planning of the city, we were done for day.

Just FYI, we have a lot of class now, so we aren’t out adventuring every day. This means less interesting things to report, so my posts my get a bit more infrequent. But I’ll keep it coming as best I can.

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One Response to Field Studies in Barca

  1. Jason says:

    do work homie
    love gaudi, his work is the reason i am in architecture

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