Thank you to Bernard and Aude

Before I go, I wanted to thank Bernard and Aude for everything they have done for me. It is a real pleasure to see them and visit their wonderful home in Manosque. They cooked me meals I have never tried or heard of, took me site-seeing to markets in various towns all over Provence, picked me up from the airport, and dropped me off at the bus. The few things I helped with around their house do not begin to repay their gracious hospitality. This is the second time I have visited in 2 years, and I can say that they have made a lot of progress on the house and it looks great. They are about to start school in the next few days and will be much busier (especially when you take into account all of the harvesting/collecting/gardening that their yard requires). However I think anyone who enjoys good company and beautiful places should really consider visiting Manosque. It is incredible.

Thanks again Bernie and Aude!

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