Made it to Barcelona

After an unnecessarily long bus ride from Aix-en-Provence, I have finally arrived in Barcelona. The bus driver had no idea where he was going initially, so we drove circles in and around Aix for almost an hour before a passenger showed him the right direction to go… genius. We stopped in Avignon, Perpignan, and Narbonne before reaching Barca. The bus wasn’t too crowded – I had the seat next to me open. However, it was one of the most uncomfortable bus rides ever. Really, ever.

It was warm day, around 32C (89F), so the bus was warm to begin with. It had air conditioning, however, the little trickle of cold air coming down from the ceiling was overpowered by the warm air being blown at our feet. So the entire bus ride I had a nice sweat/grease shine on my forehead and arms. It was also just barely too hot to fall asleep. Not good.

But I made it to Sants Estacio and proceeded to walk, with all of my luggage, the 8 blocks or so to my hostel (Alberguinn Youth Hostel) for the night. It ended up being about a 12 block walk because I missed the entrance about 3 times (they don’t mark them super well, on purpose I think). I got all my bags up the stairs to the 2nd floor reception and was shown my room by the hostel worker, who was very nice and helpful. It’s been a long day and I am tired of sweating so I am going to take a shower and hit the hay.


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One Response to Made it to Barcelona

  1. Jason says:

    ciao? wrong country bud… haha

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