Up and running!

I am sitting in the home of my uncle and aunt, Bernard and Aude, in Manosque, France, just having finished a 2 hour dinner consisting of fish soup, mussels, wine and cheese. On the brink of entering food-coma and falling asleep, I opened my computer and decided to start this blog, so that those of whom who care to keep up on my adventures for the semester can do so.

This is my third day in Manosque, having arrived in the morning on the 18th after a full day of travel. Upon graciously being picked up from the airport in Marseilles by Bernard and Aude, we travelled to Fuveau to Aude’s mother’s house to visit Anette. A long lunch, lawn bowling, and playing with the cat gave me just enough activity to battle the jet-lag. We returned to Manosque in the afternoon and somehow, after a long dinner, I stayed awake until 10pm – the key towards defeating the jetlag quickly.

The next morning we got up (relatively) early and headed to the markets in Aix-en-Provence. Aix had a surprising amount of activity for a Thursday morning I thought, but I guess they get a lot of tourists this time of year. I quickly understood why after browsing the markets and observing the retail culture of the old inner city. It is quite fascinating, and young, because of all of the students in the city. We visited the main church, parts of which dated back to 5th century construction. It also had incredibly detailed giant wood doors that were very well preserved. Later we visited the natural history museum before heading back to Manosque for dinner.

As a result of the lengthy post-dinner chatter from the night before, we were a bit slow getting up this morning. We picked an insane amount of plums from the trees in the back yard. We re-arranged some furniture in the downstairs apartment, ran some errands in the old town in Manosque, and later picked up some cabinets for the downstairs kitchen renovation. The cabinets were a bit large to all fit in the Peugeot, but the roof-top rig worked just fine. The seafood themed dinner mentioned above was very tasty, including the plum crumble pie that Aude prepared. We are now at the present time and I am heading to bed. Pictures will come soon.


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